The PCTrans promise is simple. We make your transit agency more efficient.

PCTrans has over ten years of experience in providing easy to use, cost-effective, customer-driven scheduling and dispatch solutions. Our focus is small and medium sized agencies, servicing up to 75 demand-service / dial-a-ride vehicles. PCTrans can help you improve your services through more effective use of your existing people and vehicles. We realize you and your staff would like to spend less time managing your day to day operations and gathering data for reports and more time on what matters most, delivering exceptional passenger service in a cost effective manner.


On demand scheduling with the click of a button. Save time booking trips with intuitive screens designed to minimize keystrokes. Reduce errors by having accurate information at your fingertips. Designed for and by dispatchers and transit managers.

Robust reports in minutes. Save hours of labor and produce accurate reports on almost anything you need to analyze from ridership to billing to ADA compliance.

Riders are where they need to be, when they need to be. Improve your ontime performance and increase ridership up to 30%. Total solutions, including Tablets and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), make it all possible.


"Implementing PCTrans was easier than we thought possible. We haven’t regretted a day of it. The staff are always willing to listen to concerns and answer emails. If you haven’t considered PCTrans before this, don’t waste another minute of your agency's time or dollars. It is worth far more than any extra work that you have to put into it in the beginning. Thank you for making us more efficient, more dependable, and more organized with PCTrans.” -- Billi Edmonds, General Manager, Prell Services LLC Management Company for Thunder Bay Transportation Authority

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