Tablets: one tool, many benefits

Tablets are small, durable computers  that allow immediate communication between the dispatch center and the vehicle without having to use the radio.  An itinerary, including cancellations, is instantly communicated to the driver’s computer. This is especially useful for demand-service clients. Revenue is also managed in a more efficient manner as drivers simply enter the amount of money paid by each rider and the method (e.g. cash, ticket, token). The data is automatically entered into the PCTrans database. This eliminates the time-consuming manual logging at the end of the day.  Depending on the number of passengers you carry, this can save days of effort each month.


  • Record odometer, fuel and oil • Enter pre and post trip inspections •
  • Get itinerary
  • Receive timely updates of add ons and cancellations
  • Record pickups, drop offs, no shows, cancellations
  • Enter method and amount of payments
  • Enter passenger counts •
  • View a Google map with their location and locations of pickups and drop offs

Benefits for Drivers

  • Add ons and cancellations show up automatically – no need to write them down
  • Eliminate paperwork and save time
  • Get itinerary even when out of the bus
  • View a Google map
  • Satellite mode is available
  • Optionally see turn-by-turn directions

Benefits for Dispatchers

  • Save time, because trips and cancellations are sent out automatically
  • Much less radio traffic
  • No mistakes due to the driver not hearing the address correctly
  • See bus location by route or vehicle ID o Schedule demand-service trips faster
  • Ensure drivers are on route o Improve on-time performance
  • Monitor driver progress easily – trips change color in the Dispatch Console as pickups and drop offs are done
  • Greatly reduce time to do Driver Check in – payments from tablets are already entered

Benefits for Managers

  • Increase efficiency of
    •  schedules
    •  drivers
    •  dispatchers
  • Get important medical information to drivers confidentially (e.g. subject to seizures)
  • Plot historical location and speed
    • Resolve disputed no shows quickly
    • See if a driver was going too fast
    • Investigate why a driver got behind schedule
  • Improve on-time performance
  • Better customer service

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