Mobility Manager

Mobility Manager

Integrating Volunteer Drivers

Manage More Volunteer Trips with Ease, Introducing Mobility Manager.

Many transit agencies and other transportation providers are now relying on volunteers to provide service. The management of these trips and the volunteers requires a solution that handles all the new requirements associated with the use of volunteers. PCTrans is pleased to introduce Mobility Manager, a software solution which addresses the additional needs transportation coordinators have when working with volunteers. PCTrans Mobility Manager integrates with our Scheduling and Dispatch software, so key rider information is stored only in one place. It can also be used by those who only use volunteers.

  • Manage volunteer drivers with ease; track expiry of driver’s license, car insurance and other critical data
  • Match trip requests with volunteer availability Use multiple providers, e.g. a church group might do some trips
  • Print, export and/or email driver logs Pay volunteers based on mileage
  • Track hours of volunteers
  • Produce reports based on provider and/or funding source

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