ROI- Return On Investment

An investment that adds up

The pressure to provide more services with a fixed or decreasing budget and rising fuel prices is challenging all transit agencies. As the manager, your choices may appear to be limited — reduce staff and/or cut back services. PCTrans software is designed to alleviate this issue by increasing your agency’s efficiency in all aspects of the scheduling, dispatch and reporting process. You can meet the increased demands without reducing services, a choice worth making!
Efficiency improvements are measured in three ways when calculating a payback time period (ROI) for the PCTrans solution:

  • Carrying the same number of passengers with fewer vehicle hours
  • Carrying more passengers with the same vehicle hours and no additional Dispatcher hours
  • Producing accurate, timely reports faster, freeing up your staff’s time for other activities that will contribute to the bottom line

Carrying the same number of passengers with fewer vehicle hours

Decreasing vehicle hours, while still servicing all your passengers, cuts bottom line costs immediately for fuel, driver payroll, and vehicle maintenance. With even a modest 3% gain in efficiency, an agency with 100,000 trips per year, running 20,000 vehicle hours at a cost of $30 per vehicle hour would save $18,000. (Note: 3% of 20,000 hours is a 600 hour reduction or $18,000). After that, the savings in fuel and personnel continue year after year.  Many sites have had increases of 10% or more.

Carrying more passengers with the same vehicle hours and no additional Dispatcher hours

If your ridership is increasing, you may be faced with two difficult problems.  You would like to meet the increased demand, but you may not be able to afford to put another bus on the street and/or you may not be able to handle any more trips without hiring another Dispatcher.  The PCTrans Scheduling and Dispatch software will solve both of these problems.  It will allow you to carry more passengers with the same vehicle hours.  PCTrans will also make your staff more efficient, so you can handle significantly more passengers with the same Dispatch team.  Your service will be faster and more accurate, which results in improved customer service.

The demands on transit agencies are not likely to diminish anytime soon. Increases in the price of fuel and demographic factors, such as aging baby boomers and people living longer, mean that demands will likely increase everywhere over the next 10 years.

Producing accurate, timely reports faster, freeing up staff to do other activities that will contribute to your bottom line

PCTrans has over 150 standard reports which can be produced in minutes instead of hours or days.  PCTrans customers use the time saved for a variety of activities that help their bottom line.  At one site, an administrative person was re-deployed as a driver thus carrying significantly more passengers, generating extra revenue with no extra staff time. Others have used the extra time to make schedules more efficient, carrying the same passengers with fewer vehicle hours.

Ready to learn how PC Trans can help your agency?

PC Trans recognizes that each agency has its own unique challenges. We will conduct a free analysis of your agency so that you can understand the potential savings and efficiency gains your agency can expect.

To schedule your free analysis, including an estimate of how soon the PCTrans software would pay for itself at your site, please contact us today or call 1-734-645-2385. 

Customer Experiences

Anyone can make claims for their solution, but here are some real results from our customers:

Bay Metropolitan Transportation Authority

We have seen significant improvement since implementing the PCTrans system. From 2005 to 2007, the county wide dial-a-ride system provided rides for 7,000 more riders [+13%], scheduled 3,000 fewer driver hours [-9%], with demand response vehicles traveling 18,000 fewer miles [-3%].

Mike Stoner, General Manager


L.E.T.S. (Livingston Essential Transportation Service)

 “Both Doug {Britz, Director of LETS} and I are numbers and statistics people. Since going live with PCTrans, LETS has increased our passengers per vehicle hour by 24% and at the same time has decreased eligible expenses by 9%.  We have a great team all striving to make L.E.T.S. the most efficient, successful and safest transit. PCTrans has made this possible!

Katrina Maxwell, LETS Operations Manager